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Online Counseling- What if our appointment is lost due to technical problems on therapist, client, or platform video?

Sessions that experience technical difficulties that prevent a streamlined video experience will be offered a continuation of the session via telephone or moving to a different video server.  In rare cases that the session cannot progress, client will be prorated for actual time used.

Do I have to reside in California or Texas to receive counseling with Anew?

Yes.  Currently, a practitioner of Clinical Social Work must hold a valid license in the state that they see clients.  Angela is licensed in California and Texas only at this time.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I offer a hard ship rate but not a slide scale.  Priority for hard ship is given to students in mental health programs and interns.

Does online counseling actually work?

Yes, it does.  It is my experience and that of my client's that online counseling is as effective as in-person.  Sometimes more so.  A simple google search on the effectiveness of teletherapy will provide ample research to make an informed decision.


How to prepare for online therapy.

Give yourself time to prepare.  Clicking from a work meeting into a therapy session makes for an abrupt transition.  Take 10 min before the session to check in with your partner, find a comfortable sitting space, create privacy in your home and inform others that you will be occupied for an hour.

Making the most of couples counseling.

Come prepared for the session.  This is your special time to focus on your relationship.   As your therapist I will always have something that I can lead for our session.  But the work of your relationship is in your hands.  Your therapist cannot read minds or know what is important to you without your input.

How long will we be in therapy?

This is a very common question and deserves attention.  While no one can say for certain how long counseling will last, there are some common guidelines.  Years of miscommunication and hurt will take time to heal.  Your investment in being truthful, brave, and honest will assist therapy to move forward.

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can couples counseling save my marriage?

As an emotionally focused couples therapist, I see my primary role as process consultant.  I help you in real time to make sense of what you are feeling and have better clarity of what is actually going on. The outcome is that you can talk to each other about difficult subjects and not escalate into fighting which tends to be unproductive and at times traumatizing.

Why do you practice emotionally focused therapy?

In my own relationships I have found that I am an anxious avoidant withdrawer that most of the time preferred to not have bonded emotional relationships with my partners.  When I met my husband (2nd marriage) I was determined to make it work.  In studying EFT, I have experienced first hand what a secure adult attachment feels like.  It has benefited not just my marriage but my parenting as well.

Will we have homework?

Yes and no.  EFT does not prescribe homework as we are present processing in session to make neurological and relational change.  Sometimes I will have a mindfulness activity I will ask client's to pay attention to between sessions.  Sexual health counseling does often include homework

what if we can't be helped?

Then it's a good thing you looked for support when you did.  100% of relationships can use a third party, unbiased, non-judgmental source of support.  If your relationship cannot be helped, then you will know the support that you need to do the right thing for yourself and your family.

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