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I work with therapists, agencies, group practices, schools, non-profits and more to educate clinicians in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Sex Therapy, and General Clinical Skills.

If you are on this page, you've probably met me, were referred to me, or have at least navigated through the website.

Please read more as follows and reach out to me to discuss supervision, consultation or presentations.

ICEEFT Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist Supervisor Candidate

Angela is an ICEEFT approved Supervisor Candidate

All Individual and Group Supervision with Angela will count towards ICEEFT, AASECT and ASW certification requirements.

I offer individual and group supervision to licensed therapist virtually and in-person.

If you are ready to gain the required supervision hours to better your clinical EFT skills or are on the road to certification- I would be happy to offer a consult on my supervision skills, style and fee.

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Group Supervision

Starting January 15, 2024 and every third Monday thereafter for 6 months.

9am -10:30am

Registration for the group closes when 6 participant max limit is reached and/or on January 15, 2024.

This group is open to Couples therapists who have completed the EFT externship and are currently enrolled or have completed core skills.

EFT externship is a pre-requisite.

All hours will count towards EFT certification.

Supervision for the Emotionally Focused Therapist

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EFT Supervision


Supervision is an important part of the certification process for EFT/EFIT/EFFT therapists.  Angela is an ICEEFT approved supervisor candidate and offers the required 8 hours of needed EFT supervision for certification purposes on an individual or group basis. 

EFT supervision enhances and strengthens your skills as an EFT therapist while building and strengthening your skills as a couple therapist.

What you can expect~

  1. A positive working alliance between yourself and Angela where you can share your progress, challenges, and brainstorm new interventions.

  2. Deliberate practice skills to focus your skill building and boost confidence.

  3. Observation of therapy sessions through the viewing of tape.  Assistance with transcribing tape and finding the right segments to submit for ICEEFT certification.

  4. Learning EFT steps and stages, the TANGO, and EFT skills like heightening emotion, conjecturing, and deepening client emotion in a safe environment.

  5. Strengthen and develop your attachment lens and learn how to apply it to even the most escalated couples.

EFT supervision can be a valuable learning experience for therapists of all levels of experience. It can help them to develop their skills, improve their practice, and become more effective therapists.

Here are some additional benefits of EFT supervision:

  • Increased confidence: Supervision can help therapists to feel more confident in their ability to use EFT effectively.

  • Improved skills: Supervision can help therapists to develop their skills in areas such as assessment, intervention, and case management.

  • Enhanced professional development: Supervision can help therapists to stay up-to-date on the latest research and trends in EFT.

  • Reduced stress: Supervision can provide a safe and supportive space for therapists to discuss their challenges and successes.

AASECT Sex Therapist Supervision

Angela provides consultation services to therapists working with sex and sexuality issues that would like input and support on their client work and those clinicians that are working towards their certification as a sex therapist.

My specialities in sex therapy include, but are not limited to: 

Women’s Reproductive and Sexual Health,

Relationship Dynamics influenced by sexual desire discrepancies,

Sexual Trauma Recovery individually and in relationship,

Consensual/Ethical Non-Monogamy partnerships and dynamics,

Non- Consensual Relationship Ruptures including Betrayal and Affairs, Consensual Relationship Ruptures and Boundary (self/other) Injuries,

LBGTQIA+ with special expertise within relationship dynamics and communication,

Trans, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid 

Sexual identity/orientation.

My primary modalities are Emotionally Focused Therapy, Developmental Therapy, Imago, Somatic, and Transactional Analysis.

Overall, I apply Humanistic, Systems, Feminist, and Strength-Based Perspectives.

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