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 Sexual Health

Talking with a sex therapist can help you develop clarity, insight, and tools for a more satisfying sex life.

Angela has extensive knowledge and experience with anatomy, social and medical systems, treatments,  and the latest evidenced-based research on sexual health.  As a member of, and certified sex therapist with, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists

Angela actively participates in advancing her clinical skills.  

Direct clinical training and/or continuing education from experts in the field has including Dr. Tammy Nelson, Dr. Patti Britton, Jaiya, Dr. Jess, Carol Queen, Cleo Dubois, and Dr. Heather Howard to name a few.

In our work together, you can expect that your treatment will be lead by practical knowledge that's curated to fit your unique life experience and goals.  

Together we will better understand the presenting issues, work hard to deconstruct negative feedback loops, and set you on a path to sexual health and wellness.

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helping you with...

Pain with intercourse

Endometriosis, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Pelvic Pain, child birth, GI, body lubrication, allergies, trauma, and other issues contribute to pain with intercourse.  Sex Therapy can assist you better understand your anatomy and sexuality as well as help with relationship issues that might be present.

Men's Sexual health

Intimacy issues, performance anxieties, premature ejaculation, inability to become or stay erect, traumas, diabetes, chronic illness and other sexual related issues.  Sex therapy provides a confidential and safe space to talk about your sexuality and learn how to have a fulfilling sexual life.


There are many different ways we interact with pornography.  Pornography can enhance a romantic relationship or provide stimuli and fantasy when alone.  Porn can also break trust in relationships, damage connections and even hurt parts of self.  Sex therapy helps you to explore and make sense of your unique relationship with pornography.

loss of libido

Lack of arousal or sexual desire, not feeling pleasure, inorgasmia, not feeling turned on by your partner, stress, trauma that prevents you from deepening sexual intimacy, dread of sex, are only some reasons why people experience a loss of libido.  Sex therapy provides you space to understand your-self.  With knowledge and therapeutic support you can have a satisfying sex life.

menopause and aging

As we move through the life span with or without a partner our sexuality will change.  Often people find themselves caught in a rigid pattern of seeing sex through one lens and overlook all the ways we are sexual.  Sex therapy helps you, individually, or with your partner to broaden your experience of aging and healthy sexual wellness.

you want a better sex life

Healthy sexuality does not miraculously appear. Western culture does not promote healthy sexual exploration and we have many years of false information and myths to deconstruct in sex therapy.  But imagine if your fantasies were not problematic, that you knew your sexual blueprint and could talk to your partner, or if you didn't have to sneak around about your turn-on's for fear of hurting others.  Neat, huh?


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Local ATX Resources

Sex Addiction/Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Hope Counseling in Round Rock is an affiliate partner that specializes in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and sex addiction.  Kevin Leapley, LPC is also a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. 

Pelvic Pain and Physical Therapy

Resilient-Rx specializes in pelvic floor therapy for women and men.  Some specialities include postpartum and pain with intercourse.  Contact Mary Grimberg, PT, DPT, OCS.

LBGTQQ+ and Gender Affirming Medical Care

The Kind Clinic offers STI testing, medical treatment, gender affirming care and hormone therapy.


Anew Therapy, PLLC

Some Podcasts that I Love!

If you're looking for some direction with sex help, you're in the right place. These podcasts are tried and true and by experts in the field.  A great way to start expanding your knowledge about your sexual health. 

What are you seeking?

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I Care About Your wellbeing…but I also take my job very seriously

My job and services to you go beyond the 50 minutes of our sessions time.  When I’m not attuning to you and curating psychotherapy to your unique treatment goals, I am in a continuing education class, working on a dissertation project, consulting with expert clinicians, reading books, and gaining as much knowledge and information as I can to bring back to you.

Experience I bring to you includes but is not limited to:

* Over 120 hours of Continuing Education in sex therapy.

Classes include:

  • Sociocultural Factors in Sexual Values and Behaviors with Dr. Brent Satterly

  • Empirical Approaches to Help Couples Re-Establish Sexual Health after Disclosure by Dr. Nicole Prause

  • Medical Factors Related to Sexuality and Sexual Functioning

  • - Diagnosis and Treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunction by Dr. Stanley Althof

  • - The Existential Importance of the Penis: A New View of Male Sexuality by Dan Watter, Ed.D.

  • Elements of Therapy and Kink by Anna Randall, DHS, LCSW, MPH and Richard A. Sportsman Ph.D.

  • Erotic Self-Expansion for Sexual Trauma Survivors by Rafaella Smith-Fiallo, LCSW

  • Transition Anxiety: Play, Pleasure, and Possibility Beyond Trans 101 by Rae McDaniel

  • Negative Secrets and Lies In Couples Sex Therapy: A Systemic and Holistic Approach by Sari Cooper

  • - How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long Lasting Relationship by Dr. Stephen Snyder

  • Treating the Two Most Common Female Sexual Complaints: Orgasm Issues and Diminished Desire by Dr. Laurie Mintz (Author of “Becoming Clitorate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters- And How to Get It” & “A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex”)

  • Pornography, Purity, and Pathology: Understanding “Compulsive” Sexual Behaviors in the Context of Religious Belief and Moral Incongruence by Dr. Joshua Grubbs

  • From Mammy to Megan: Anti-Black Sexual Tropes and the Nuances of Fetishism and Objectification by Shanae Adams

  • - Getting Out of The Rabbit Hole of Betrayal: For those who have been betrayed and those who betrayed their partners by Diane Hovey, Ph.D, LMFT, CSAT, CPT

Over 200 Hours Continuing Education in Couples Therapy


  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Beyond Core Skills

  • Gottman Bringing Home Baby

  • Imago- Getting the Love You Want, Getting the Sex you Want with Dr. Tammy Nelson

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Lab and Clinical Supervision with Lillian Buchanan, Ph.D.

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship and Core Skills with Drs. Paul and Nancy Aikin

* Over 50 Hours in Supervising, Legal and Ethical Issues

* Thousands of hours of direct clinical contact over a decade of psychotherapeutic practice

* Hundreds of hours of clinical supervision with master sex therapy and couple therapy clinicians and doctors

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