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Relationship stress often leaves us feeling like there is something wrong with us.

At Anew Therapy, we see you.  You are not alone.

We have all experienced relationship stress at some point in our lives.  Often times, the harder we try to break the negative patterns, the deeper and more entrenched they become.  Sometimes even creating emotional traumas and increased distress.

We're often left feeling...


And the relationship becomes more stressed with...
An unsatisfying sex life
Arguments or Avoidance
Contemplation of staying or leaving

We try to do things differently.  We try to change these patterns.  

It makes sense that when we are stuck in the negative cycles- it is almost impossible to break free from them.  Around and around we go, doing the best we can, but not actually reaching the safe, comfortable, loving, playful, intimate relationship for which we long.

You are not alone.

Meet the Team

(Supervised by Joseph Porter LMFT-Supervisor and LPC-Supervisor)

therapy offerings

When we feel stuck, what we need is the right kind of help to get unstuck.

How Anew Therapy Can Support You

Anew Therapy offers personalized counseling services for individuals, couples, partnerships, and families. Our approach involves conducting in-person assessments with you in the room, which are integral to your treatment. We work collaboratively with you to develop treatment goals and interventions that meet your unique needs and desires. You can expect transparency every step of the way, as we believe that you are the expert in your own life.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy is an adult-attachment modality that heals attachment wounds, reactivities, negative relational patters, and broken trust while strengthening relational bonds at the core of the couple’s neurobiological patterns.

The International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy ( recognizes and approves of Angela Jensen-Ramirez as a certified therapist in the modality of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  

sex therapy

Research consistently shows that there is a positive relationship between sexual satisfaction and overall relationship satisfactions, stability and longevity. 

Oddly, we are not taught to talk about sex in a healthy way with our partners or even ourselves. 

We, and the people we love, are left in confusion, isolation, and emotional pain.

You are not alone. 

Anew therapy has trained sex therapists that can help you to regain understanding, confidence, and joy in your most intimate parts of life and relationship.


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all are welcome.

LBGTQIA+ and however you identify are welcomed here.

Anew Therapy affirms and allies with LBGTQIA+ individuals and communities and actively works to advocate for mental, emotional, medical, and relational health care for traditionally marginalized folxs.


Cactus Plant

"You were so incredibly helpful to me during a low point in my life and in the first year of my marriage."

Past Client

"I wanted to thank you for your work last year -- being given the space to self-reflect and confront those fundamental issues we discussed has been very helpful for me. It's a work in progress, of course, but I feel happier and more at-ease with my identity than I ever have."

Past Client

"You are amazing. I miss working with you and you are the reason people get better and move forward!!"

Past Client

Image by Matthew Fassnacht
Image by Matthew Fassnacht

Welcome to A New perspective

"The time will come
when, with elation,
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror,
and each will smile at the other’s welcome,
and say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self." LOVE AFTER LOVE
by Derek Walcott

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"Negative emotions, such as anger and fear, narrow our focus, while positive emotion expands the range of our thoughts and creates the urge to play and experiment."

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